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March 2016

Bariatricians Can Help Identify Uncommon Factors of Obesity, for the Best Treatment

When patients don’t progress in their weight loss efforts, even with high levels of effort and caution when eating, there may be some underlying causes of obesity that go beyond diet and exercise. As a patient treatment plan for obesity is formed, only a qualified, well-trained weight loss specialist or bariatrician can effectively perform the proper tests for a complete diagnosis. For example, liver function, kidney issues, cholesterol and white and...

3 Signs it is Time to Lose Weight

Like many things in life, weight loss is a topic that’s easier to talk about than it is to accomplish. We’ve all more than likely experienced the frustration of “yo-yo” dieting—a few weeks of good dieting that slowly devolves into old habits and tendencies. Motivation wanes and stress and cravings take their toll over time and your weight loss goals can seem farther away than when you started. We’ve made a small...